Built on Friendship

In 2019, friends Roberto Gonzalez a non-vegan chef from Mexico City & Dionisio Camacho a vegan musician from Miami had great difficulty finding a place where both of their families could eat together.


As meat eaters, the Gonzalez family found it extremely difficult to find a diverse set of options at vegan restaurants, while the Camacho's, a vegan family, often found themselves limited to house salads when visiting their friend's favorite eateries. 

As a result, The Spatula was born - a place where the vegan & non-vegan community of Greenville could unite and share memories over a variety of diverse, well-thought out pastries & dishes.

The Spatula Family About Us

The Spatula Family

The Spatula Bakery & Cafe Art

Love for Art

What is art? For friends Roberto and Dionisio art can take a lot of forms. At the Spatula the produce is our paint & the plate is our canvas.

From the creatively inspired dishes to the locally sourced gallery, art is a key ingredient of the The Spatula's DNA. 

Meet the Chef 

The head chef of The Spatula. Roberto's passion lies in masterfully creating well-thought out dishes. Plating food and serving baked goods that present the best flavors and culinary combinations in a beautifully intentionally way... art on the plate. 

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